Global sensation singer SitaAlexandra is Set to make waves as she debuts her new single.
The singer is releasing her groundbreaking style of sound to the wider public in the coming weeks.

Coming from a solid musical background the Singer is set to take the music world by storm.

Sitaalexandra grew up in Lagos and London.

As a millennial, SitaAlexandra understands the language of youth coming up in the present day. Coming from a musical family, she is used to music being an emotional language by which people speak from the heart. She knows the power of sound.

Her single, “Double Wahala”, is set to get you off your chair and get you dancing all night long.

Her electric performances are enjoying growing exposure on Social Media. This flows from her natural talent as a singer songwriter which has been processed by a rich and varied set of experiences in life.

SitaAlexandra is well aware of the role that music plays in people’s lives.

Her outstanding Songwriting ability and capacity to be able to write a hit record is something that can’t be ignored.

Having lived a significant part of her life in the UK, she has observed and tracked major musical trends in the UK, as a proud African it was only a matter of time she set the music industry ablaze with an Afrobeats Album. She sets in motion this momentum by releasing the single one more Dance/Double Wahala.

She is well acquainted with styles such as R&B, Blues, Basement, Garage music, House music, Dance music, and so forth. In the journey, she’s been able to craft her own individual definitive style and message… which upon hearing her music all will agree is extermely unique.

Equivalently, she’s experienced the impact of west african, and other african styles of music, such as Juju, High-Life, Fuji, Afro-beat, Apala, Afro-pop, Waka, Yoruba Traditional, Igbo Traditional, Congolese and Ivorian. Her definitive style is based on rich and diverse experiences, as well as being able to feel the pulses of her surrounding environments.

As a natural singer songwriter, she has a strong foundation. Music is an integral part of her history, make-up, and DNA.

Her message has grown and developed over the years. Her music speaks TO a wide range of people, and speaks FOR a wide range of people. Different ages, from young to old, can enjoy her music.

For her, music is a necessary platform. For her, music means drama, it means escape, it means capturing experiences, it means storing memories, it is inspired inspiration, and is a journey.

SitaAlexandra sees herself as an explorer of sound waves, and her career as sailing ahead and putting her stamp on various land territories.

Sitaalexandra is an extremly empathetic person who is very passionate about her charities. One of the most important charities is the orphanages charity she works with.

Sitaalexandra is a trailblazer in the music industry